C.A.T.S Gameplay That You Should Know

cats game

Everyone knows about C.A.T.S that is so popular this day. A game where the mascot is a cat has been played by many people around the world. This game is quite different than others. Why? So, here I would like to discuss why this game is different from others.

If you are a cat lover. You might love this game because your character will be a cute cat that it will crush the other cat for being a legend. To play this game you have to focus on building your car and also you must have a great combined parts to win each fight.

This game is different from others. I really love the gameplay because it was so unique. You need to build your car. You can change each part with your own desired. But wrong combined parts will lead you into failure when you are in the battle. Besides that, you also need to know your competitor parts.

Do you see the splash screen? Where two cats are in battle together. The first cat’s car uses a mace then the second cat’s car use rocket as his weapon with titan body. This is really interesting game to play that it can make everyone get addicted. I also have summarized some gameplay that helps you understand more about this game. Maybe the splash screen above can’t lead all the game things.

C.A.T.S Gameplay

cats gameplay1
cats gameplay2
cats gameplay3
cats gameplay4

Isn’t this game is awesome? You can now download this game on play store or iTunes. Search it with the game name then download and have fun with this game. Let see, how long you can reach the league in this game. The highest league you are in, the hardest competitor you have to face.


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